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Elly Cohen, Ph.D., Director

Elly Cohen, Ph.D., Director

At BCT, one of our primary goals is to respond to the needs and interests of our users who turn to our site for information about breast cancer trials. So, when we noticed strong interest in our Vaccine and Immunotherapy QuickView, we decided to delve into the topic further. And that’s what this issue—and the next issue of our newsletter (on vaccines for metastatic breast cancer)—will do. We look forward to reading your comments on our blog about these articles.

I’d also like to ask you to keep your eye out for a short, anonymous survey that will arrive from BCT in your inbox next week. The survey is designed to help us learn more about how BCT helped you, what problems you had using the site (if any), and how you think we can make the site even better. By taking the time to respond, you will help us prioritize our next round of site improvements as well as illustrate to our funders—who make this service possible—our important role in the breast cancer community.

Please forward our newsletter to anyone you know who has breast cancer or works with women who do. Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook, too. Far too many people still remain unaware of the many clinical trials that are available or understand how these trials work to improve breast cancer care. By working together, we can change that.

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